Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dylan Witt "Greetings From Guaman, Volta Region, Ghana!"

Dylan Witt
Graduated 2009
B.S. Integrated Studies with Emphases in Environmental Studies & Earth Science

Dear Scott,

I hope that your semester went well.  I have to admit that I am a bit
envious of you; it feels strange not to be on a college campus 80
hours a week anymore.  I miss the atmosphere that existed in the
classroom, but I have learned to create one- person classrooms inside
my bedroom here in Ghana.  I've started at- home GRE and LSAT prep
courses, which have served the dual purpose of keeping my mind sharp,
while simultaneously keeping my post- Ghana options open.

I am about six months into my Peace Corps service, and it is going
incredibly well.  Obviously, it has been a very hectic six months, and
there have been hundreds of minor and major adjustments I have had to
make.  With that said, I feel so at home in my town and job, that I
cannot think of a time in my life that I have been happier than I am
right here right now.

The purpose of this email is really just to thank you for how well
your courses prepared me for my work here. Not only did my senior
thesis give me a lot of focus and direction in my goals and
aspirations, but working with you in the topics courses helped me
learn to communicate more clearly, and understand the underlying
complexity of issues that I had previously tended to examine
superficially.  The skills you taught me will continue to aid me in my
work here and elsewhere.

If you want to get a little glimpse into my life right now, feel free
to watch a few of the short videos I have posted on my YouTube account
(  I can only post videos when I am in
Accra, so I have gotten behind in that department, but I will be
updating it again soon.

Once again, thank you for your support in my education.  You really
helped make my experience at UVU a positive one.  Send my regards to
your fellow faculty, the students in the major, as well as Lynn.


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